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Microblade To Machine Training

Build on your current knowledge of cosmetic tattooing by adding new services to your PMU menu.  This class was specifically created for microbladers who want to advance their skills and learn how to create beautiful permanent makeup using a tattoo machine; specifically powder brow and lash line/lash enhancement.  Microblading can be a beautiful technique when done properly but can also limit an artists ability to offer a variety of options and services.  Can you imagine if you were a painter and could only use one paintbrush?  This microblade to machine training class teaches you how to use multiple needle configurations to create the different looks that will be desired by your clients; ones  that you can not create with just a microblade.   You will also learn WHICH SKIN TYPES  are best suited for these configurations as well as HOW the different needle configurations can affect your healed results and your pigment selection.  

BOTTOM LINE: You will leave this class able to offer VARIETY to your clients.



                                     INCLUDED IN TRAINING:

LEARN ON LIVE MODELS (practice skin is NOT the same)

Learn 2 techniques: SKINbeauty's soft natural powder brow and natural lash enhancement

2 or 3 day training class customized to your experience level

option of on site training available*

Private or semi-private class 

optional to have me guide you through YOUR first client after class

Beginner 100 hour Fundamentals Training 

Have you thought about a CAREER in Permanent Makeup but dont know where to start?  Get ready to EAT SLEEP AND BREATH permanent makeup because this 100 hour hands on BEGINNER class is designed to immerse you in PMU world. This beginner fundamentals permanent makeup class begins with an at home study portion designed to prepare you with the basics that you will build on in class such as;  the history of PMU and its evolution, the science of pigment and the different types, color theory, needle theory, PMU terms, machine theory and skin types.  Once the home study portion is complete you will transition to the classroom to begin the in depth, hands on personalized instruction.  Students will receive instruction on topics ranging from: the importance of the consult, how to determine which procedure is best for your client and their skin type, what needles are best for certain skin types, hand positioning, skin stretch, artist positioning to the client, color choice, pigment choice, brow mapping, post care, the importance of PPE and avoiding cross-contamination. Students will also have the opportunity to try multiple machines while practicing on different latex surfaces slowly preparing for real skin!!   The goal upon completion of this class is for the student to feel prepared and equipped with the confidence and knowledge to begin booking your own clients as an independent artist.

 This course offers the option of a BROW FOCUSED track or a BROW AND LINER focused track; includes a student kit valued around $800 and is equipped with enough supplies for your first 10+ clients.  MACHINE NOT INCLUDED


 *financing available

  • What is the 3 day Blade to Machine Class and who is it for?
    SkinBeautys Blade to Machine Class is for current microbladers who want to learn how to use a tattoo machine to perform permanent makeup. This is considered a beginner machine class for licensed microbladers or current PMU artists who have some machine experience but may need more practice. You will choose a brow track or brow and liner track and will work on live models.
  • What is the cost of the Blade to Machine Class?
    SkinBeauty's 3 Day Blade to Machine class is $3700 and offers the option of a brow only track or brows and liner track.
  • What techniques will I learn?
    In the beginner fundamentals class there are 2 tracks to pick from: Brow focused or Brow and Liner focused. The BROW FOCUSED track will teach 3 techniques: Ombre brow, Powder Brow, and Combo Brow. In the Brow and Liner focused track you will learn 2 brow techniques and a beginner baby liner technique.
  • What is taught in the 100 Hour Beginner Fundamentals class?
  • Does the beginner fundamentals class include a student kit?
    Yes. The student kit included in the fundamentals course is valued around $800 and depending on which track is selected will include 2 sets of brow pigments, 2 liner pigments, 1 sleeve each of 4 different needle configurations, 2 different types of numbing cream, PPE, and enough additional supplies for your first 10 plus clients.
  • What is the cost of the Beginner 100 Hour Fundamentals Course?
    SkinBeautys 100 Hour Fundamentals Beginner Course is $5500 and includes a student kit valued around $800 depending on which track is selected. Financing is available.
  • Are models provided?
    Finding models for your class will be a combined effort between the both of us. The earlier we put the word out the better. Its always best to start with the students family and friends then we can put a model call out via social media if needed.
  • What are the class sizes?
    All of the classes maintain a 3:1 or less student teacher ratio. This allows for individualized attention during the entirety of the hands on portion of the course. If the class size is too large the attention to detail that is required of the teacher becomes too diluted to appropriately monitor, correct and guide the student through their tattoo training.
  • Why is the course 100 hours?
    The simple answer is because you cant learn to tattoo a face in a weekend. Florida does not have a standard number of hours required to apply for and receive a tattoo license, but the industry does. 100 hours is just the tip of the iceberg but will set up a good foundation of knowledge to build on through practice, ongoing support and continuing education. The craft and skill involved in learning PMU is an ongoing process. Most experienced artists in this industry will tell you it takes hundreds of hours before you begin to feel like you have the hang of what you are doing. In addition 100 hours is the standard required to join organizations such as AAM and SPCP who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the permanent makeup industry. IN SUMMARY: ITS A STANDARD THING.
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