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Welcome to SkinBeauty by Creagh located at Grace and Grey Med Spa in beautiful downtown Pensacola Florida.  SkinBeauty specializes in natural permanent makeup and customized skincare treatments with a focus on regenerative esthetics using exosome therapy.  I like to treat each client who walks through my door with a fresh, current and individualized approach to any and all skincare or beauty concerns.  I have a clinical approach to skincare treatments, a natural approach to permanent makeup and a highly curated no BS selection of retail that focuses only on research proven, results driven skincare products. I'm passionate about staying current with the latest science and techniques and will forever be a student of my craft. 
Always Learning, Always Evolving.  I look forward to meeting you.     


Creagh Ekelund is a Pensacola native and has serviced the skincare and beauty industry for over 20 years.  Her clinical approach to treating a wide range of skin concerns with facials, micro-needling, stem-cell rejuvenation, and lasers, paired with her natural approach to permanent makeup has earned her the reputation as a trustworthy and highly sought after practitioner. Her knowledge and consultations are always free.

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